Kindergarten Readiness: Examinations and Immunizations

ALERT: The deadline for completing these examinations and immunizations is August 17th! The State of Illinois requires the following examinations and immunizations for Kindergarten: Physical Exam Dental Exam Vision Exam Immunizations as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health. If you do not complete these exams by August 17th, your child could be dismissed […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Healthy Hygiene Habits

There is more to good hygiene than just hand washing! Take a look at some of the tips below to encourage healthy hygiene habits in a child that can last a lifetime! Make bath time fun! Add a few drops of food coloring to the water for an exciting new hue in the tub! Make […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Develop Through Reading

Exploring the world of reading with a child is not only important to developing their language skills, but it presents the opportunity for valuable one-on-one time. When you read to a child, you are modeling excellent habits, reinforcing what they are learning in school and encouraging a positive attitude about reading! Reading Everyday When reading […]

Kindergarten Readiness: First Day Tips

Going to Kindergarten can be a scary but exciting time for your child! Remember to listen to your child’s concerns about Kindergarten and reassure them it will be okay. Follow these tips to make sure your child is excited to start Kindergarten: Plan a school supply shopping trip with your child! Allowing your child to […]

Kindergarten Readiness: School Safety Tips

Kids around the country are getting ready to go back to school and their safety is a top priority for parents. In addition to buying school supplies, the beginning of the school year is the perfect time for families to start discussing back-to-school safety tips! School Bus Safety Make a habit of arriving to the […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Continue Learning at Home

Learning doesn’t have to end at school! The following tips from Dream Box Learning contain a variety of fun and simple ideas you can use to engage children in learning at home! Plenty of opportunities to count Play number games during everyday activities, such as counting the number of windows, the number of trucks you see […]