Kindergarten Readiness: Develop Through Reading

Exploring the world of reading with a child is not only important to developing their language skills, but it presents the opportunity for valuable one-on-one time. When you read to a child, you are modeling excellent habits, reinforcing what they are learning in school and encouraging a positive attitude about reading!

288x162-familydinner-tsReading Everyday

  • When reading daily, remember to make it an enjoyable experience. Keep your voice animated and be interactive throughout the story – this will help them understand what is happening. Learning Room
  • Encourage them to ask questions during reading time – this is how they learn! Ask questions about the story and be sure to listen to their answers.
  • Reading it again…and again…and AGAIN! It is common for children to enjoy hearing the same story over and over again. Repeated readings can help children develop strong language skills!

Language Development

  • Point out words everywhere you go. The next time you visit the grocery store, take some extra time to look at signs and point out familiar letters and words. See if they can find the letter ‘A’ or the number ‘3’.   Ask them to find an unfamiliar word – you can help them sound it out!
  • When driving in the car, play letter games. Ask children to watch out the window and look for the letter ‘B’ – it can be on a sign, billboard or license plate!
  • Sing songs and recite poems and rhymes! Repetition is key when building language skills – it helps them pick up on sound patterns!

Encourage Activities That Require Reading

  • Cooking helps to encourage reading by following the recipe to create a delicious dish! Food Network has excellent recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  • Build a model…or a kite! These activities encourage reading by urging children to read the directions fully before starting their new project!
  • Attend your local library’s events. Most libraries offer a variety of events such as storytelling, puppet shows and reading clubs for kids! This is a great way to share the gift of reading– and perhaps rekindle your own passion for reading at the same time!
  • PBS Parents is a great resource for fun reading activities wherever you go!