Kindergarten Readiness: Fine Motor Skills

Little hands grow over time to open doors to creativity, learning, and exploration! Take a look at some of the tips below about fine motor skills to build on your child’s independence in kindergarten. Fine Motor Skills Getting dressed: Kindergartners should be able to get dressed on their own. This includes tying shoes, buttoning pants […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Exams and Immunizations

The State of Illinois requires the following examinations and immunizations for Kindergarten: Physical Exam Dental Exam Vision Exam Immunizations as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health. If you do not complete these exams by August 16th, your child could be dismissed from school until proof of completion is provided. Talk to your child’s […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Storytime

Read WITH your child: Of course your child loves to hear you read! They may not know how to read all of the words just yet but this is the perfect opportunity to build their reading confidence. Have them help you turn the pages. Ask them to describe the pictures on each page. See if […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Manners

Many kindergarten teachers notice that incoming kindergarten students struggle with simple manners such as sharing, taking turns, being aware of personal space, and even saying please and thank you. Kids don’t always understand what we mean when we simply tell them to “be nice.” Look at the list below for a list of manners that […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Safety

Many schools have a policy for making changes to transportation arrangements for students in their parent/student handbook. This is done mainly to keep students from being confused at the end of the day. Please take into consideration that the busiest times of the school day are the beginning and end. There are tons of phone […]

Kindergarten Readiness: Self-regulation

These are some coping skills that you can teach and practice with your child. This will help them when you are not with them and they experience many different feelings throughout the school day. Count to 10 Deep breaths Self-control and being patient Coloring Take a “Cool Down” walk Ask your child how they are […]