Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness: Fine Motor Skills

Little hands grow over time to open doors to creativity, learning, and exploration! Take a look at some of the tips below about fine motor skills to build on your child’s independence in kindergarten.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Getting dressed: Kindergartners should be able to get dressed on their own. This includes tying shoes, buttoning pants and shirts, and zipping coats. Tying shoes is greatly celebrated in the world of kindergarten!
  • Handling objects: Kids should be able to handle different objects. Handling may include pinching, scooping, building, balancing, pouring, etc. This helps with pencil grips.
  • Scissors: Children should be able to hold scissors correctly and cut in a straight line or along a cutting path such as a circle. Cuts don’t have to be perfect just yet but they will improve as they experience more opportunities to cut.
  • Writing: Children should have a preferred writing hand, correct pencil grip and be able to write their first name. As the school year progresses, look at how much your child’s handwriting and illustrations improve! It is amazing!
  • There are fun ways to build fine motor skills. Have fun!

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