Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness: Manners

Many kindergarten teachers notice that incoming kindergarten students struggle with simple manners such as sharing, taking turns, being aware of personal space, and even saying please and thank you. Kids don’t always understand what we mean when we simply tell them to “be nice.” Look at the list below for a list of manners that you can work on with your child.

  • Share
    • At this age, children are still possessive over their things. Many teachers now use the concept of “community” supplies in which students put all supplies together to share.
    • Work on sharing with your child by:
      • Sharing one box of crayons to color or draw a picture.
      • Sharing a toy, activity or game.
  • Take Turns
    • Practice playing simple games that require your child to take turns (board and card games).
    • Memory is an easy game to practice taking turns.
  • Greet Nicely
    • Teach your child to greet others, how to introduce themselves and how to use eye contact. This helps when they have to talk in front of the class or give presentations. They will meet a lot of new faces on the first day of school!
  • Breakfast and Lunch Manners
    • Many students will get to experience eating in the classroom.
    • Practice manners during meal time at home such as:
      • Sitting up nice and tall in your chair
      • Opening and pouring your own milk or drink
      • Opening packets of silverware
      • How to walk with your plate to clear it or throw it away
      • How to clean up a spill or small mess
      • Declining foods nicely
      • Knowing what you’re allergic to
  • Be a Good Listener and Don’t Interrupt
  • Say Please and Thank You